Annual Pediatrics Conference in New York has excellent line-up of expert speakers

The Annual Conference on Chiropractic & Pediatrics is all set for November 17-19 at the Westin Times Square in the exciting city of New York. This Annual Conference that has been ongoing since 1991 and every year receives rave reviews from attendees. The goal has always been to provide DCs not only with continuing education credits but with speakers who have the know-how and expertise in specific areas so the information they present is useful accurate and of clinical value. This year’s speaker line-up includes internationally recognized pediatric practitioner and instructor Dr Lora Tanis; world-wide teacher on cranial therapy and myofascial techniques, Dr. Carol Phillips; expert on child abuse and social issues, Dr. Michele Barber; editor of JCCP, instructor and expert on breast-feeding dysfunctions, Dr Sharon Vallone; well-known radiologist Dr. Ian Mclean who will be presenting his famous interactive radiology roulette ; experienced pediatric technique instructor Dr. Pamela Gindl; recognized instructor on pediatric neurodevelopment, Dr. Monika Buerger; and experienced practitioner and postgraduate instructor Dr. Meghan Van Loon.

The Council has also invited Mr. Jeff Hayes, producer of the film “Doctored” and “Vaccines Revealed” to present his perspective on films that he produces and why he chooses the subjects that he does and what he has learned in the process.