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The Building Bridges Symposiums are the Council’s educational events presented outside the United States. The program, a mix of clinical lectures, technique workshops and research paper is designed to build bridges between chiropractors who have graduated from different chiropractic institutions and practice in different countries around the world, but share the common interest of desiring to learn more about caring for infants, children and pregnant women . Sharing clinical information based on advanced learning, research and practice experiences is vital to any clinician who seeks to provide care that is more effective and results in better patient outcomes, but more so for one caring for this special patient population.

The Building Bridges Symposiums are held biennially and always with the permission of the national chiropractic association of that country. Most often the Symposiums are hosted and/or co-sponsored by the country’s national association. Symposiums have been held in London, Edinburgh, Gold Coast, Sydney, Montreal and Paris. At the 2015 Symposium held in Paris, simultaneous translation was introduced for the first time. It will now be a regular feature of Symposiums held in countries with a multilingual population.

2018 Building Bridges Symposium
September 29 & 30, 2018
NH Collection Gran Hotel Calderon
Barcelona, Spain